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Windows Defender Application control - Part 2

In part 1 of my blog, I explained step by step how to get started with application control in a simple way. In this part of my blog, I'm going to discuss how to use the company portal in Intune as a managed installer. The benefit of this is that you don't have to adjust the application control policies every time. There is one limitation though, th...

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Windows Defender Application control - Part 1

In this blog, I will explain how to implement Windows Defender Application control (WDAC) in Intune. Intune has two different ways to implement WDAC. Intune (limited built-in policies or custom policy deployment via OMA-URI). This blog will only cover the OMA-URI deployment because the built-in has no customization options and this makes the circle...

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Adobe reader DC - Windows app (Win32)

Intune is the new modern way for managing Windows 10 devices. This includes delivering applications to users. Intune offers a wide range of possibilities for deploying applications. It is possible to deploy Windows 10 store apps, MSI files and EXE files. For .EXE files some additional actions have to be performed since .EXE files cannot be uploaded...

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Default file associations Intune

In intune, it is possible to associate protocols and file types with specific programs. In the on-premises environment, this was already easy to accomplish by creating a GPO. At this moment it is also possible to do this with Intune, although the actions are somewhat different than we are used to. ApplicationMicrosoft endpoint manager (Intune)Webli...

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Unpin Microsoft store from the taskbar

How to unpin the Microsoft store from the taskbar in Windows 10 with Intune? At the time of writing, there is no option in Intune to easily remove the Microsoft store from the Taskbar.  You can prepare a start menu and taskbar using XML, but the disadvantage of this is that the user can no longer make changes. If there are any develo...

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